10 Surprising Stats about Engineering Jobs in the UK

Do you work in engineering? Are you currently considering an engineering job in the UK?

Here are ten surprising facts about the industry:*

  1. Engineering jobs make up 19% of the UK’s total employment
  2. 59% of all engineering apprentices who started in 2014/ 2015 were 19 years old or over
  3. 1 in 8 people in engineering jobs in the UK are women
  4. In 2016 there was a 15% rise in those studying an engineering related Masters compared to the previous year
  5. 68% of those who obtained a first-class engineering degree in 2014/ 2015 were in full-time work after six months
  6. 51% of 11-16 year olds said they would consider an engineering career
  7. On average professional engineers earn more than any other professional
  8. 65 million engineering jobs are predicted to be available by 2024
  9. For every £1 made in engineering, £1.45 is made somewhere else
  10. £90 million was set aside in 2017’s Spring Budget to provide 1,000 new PhD places for STEM subjects

Have you learned something new about your industry?

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*Statistics taken from GOV.UKEngineering UK and STEM Learning