A Day in the Life of Marketing Graduate Scarlett O’Hagan

8.30am – As soon as I get into work, I log on and check my emails responding to any urgent emails immediately. I will then prioritise email requests for the day, flag up tasks for myself and distribute work between the whole marketing team.

9.00am – Each morning I monitor the Google alerts and all social media coverage for CMP’s cable glands and cable cleats. I will then respond accordingly as two way communication within my job is very important.

9.30am – Today I need to generate requested CMP product data sheets for external sales reps by amending the InDesign files (a programme we use for graphics and artwork). I enjoy this aspect of my job as it allows me to be a little more creative. Once the artwork is complete, I need to convert the files to a PDF and send them to the relevant reps.

9.45am – I also need to produce requested training certificates for our external sales reps. I will send out soft copies for confirmation then print out hard copies to be sent via a courier.

10.30am – Now I have a meeting with an exhibition stand supplier to discuss a new stand design proposal. We go through the aims and objectives we want to achieve for the stand and exhibition and view the supplier’s previous work before we discuss proposals.

12.00pm – Lunch

12.30pm – I check up on emails and action any if necessary.

12.45pm – This afternoon I need to draft up a proposal for the new CMP promotional merchandise for the year. I will create a list of suitable products and send it on to promotional merchandise companies for a quotation.

1.00pm – A big aspect of my job is writing copy for the different marketing channels we use. Today I need to send installation instructions text to be translated into Portuguese for our Sales Manager based in Brazil. In the mean time I will set up a template on InDesign as I have a tight deadline.

3.00pm – I have a Project Manager meeting now to discuss the implementation of a new planning system. We need to discuss each other’s progress ahead of the training session tomorrow morning.

4.00pm – Home time! Before I go I check and action any final emails for the day.