BEL Engineering and BAE Systems Apprentice Exchange Programme

British Engines Group company, BEL Engineering, has collaborated with BAE Systems on an exchange programme aimed to help apprentices gain valuable insights into the manufacturing operations of various businesses.

BAE Systems is a leading manufacturer of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions to support military and national security operations.

The collaboration not only enhances the apprentices’ technical skills, but also fosters a collaborative mindset as they interact with professionals from different backgrounds, fostering innovation and the exchange of ideas.

Five apprentices, based at the BAE Systems site in Washington, spent a day at BEL Engineering. The exchange involved an introduction to the factory, where apprentices reviewed the production process, machinery and the programming, tooling and fixture procedure.

The apprentices took part in sessions to review the order process from enquiry to delivery, and the procedures in place to protect employees and comply with industry standards such as ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and AS9100.

One month later, a further six, first and second year BEL Engineering apprentices visited the BAE Systems site. The apprentices toured the facility to see how BAE Systems manufacture their products to customer specifications and how they play a role in collaborating on Ministry of Defence (MOD) projects.

“The exchange programme is a brilliant way to educate aspiring engineers on how a precision manufacturer, like BEL Engineering, operates and the machinery used to manufacture components with tight tolerances. BEL Engineering has a close relationship with BAE Systems and it is great that we can share our manufacturing expertise with the apprentices.”

Paul Robson, CEO at BEL Engineering

The British Engines Apprentice Scheme launches in December 2023. Follow our socials for more information!