National Apprenticeship Week 2018: Why ‘Apprenticeships Work’ for British Engines

We are supporting the 2018 National Apprenticeship Week, ‘Apprenticeships Work’ to celebrate our talented apprentices, provide information about our unique Apprenticeship+ Scheme and share why apprenticeships work!

Our Apprenticeship+ Scheme began in 1966 and since, we have trained over 1,000 apprentices. Apprentices enrolled onto the British Engines scheme are placed in one of our seven North East businesses and are given the chance to work in a professional environment, gaining real-life skills with the support of experienced colleagues.


Below our apprentices explain why the British Engines Apprenticeship+ Scheme works for them:

Kate, 2nd Year Apprentice for Michell Bearings:

“The Apprenticeship+ Scheme works for me because it’s a fun way of learning. It’s the chance to learn with hands-on experience and it’s not just learning from a book in a classroom.”


Craig, 3rd Year Apprentice for BEL Valves:

“Apprenticeship+ Scheme works for me because I knew it was a well-established programme and it seemed like the natural thing to do as both of my grandads work in the industry, my dad works for BEL Engineering and my brother works for CMP and these are both British Engines companies.”


Michael, 4th Year Apprentice for BEL Engineering:

“I could go back to when I was deciding to apply for the scheme and tell myself something that I know now, it would be that an apprenticeship’s hard work, but can be well paid and rewarding. If you put in the work, you’ll get the rewards. This works for me.”


Joel, 2nd Year Apprentice for CMP:

“I chose Apprenticeship+ as it’s a good opportunity to get experience in areas that I don’t normally work in such as machining and welding. I felt an apprenticeship would benefit me more in the long term, as it would allow me to learn a trade as well as getting experience in a working environment.”


Phillip, 4th Year Apprentice for BEL Valves:

“I chose the Apprenticeship+ Scheme because I know there’s only so much you can learn from books and studying. None of that compares to real life experience.”


Sam, 3rd Year Apprentice for BEL Engineering:

“My apprenticeship with British Engines works for me because it’s easy to learn as you go. You get on the job training and it’s better than a classroom!”


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