British Engines Apprentices Awarded for their Work

Congratulations to two British Engines apprentices who were recognised for their success at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards 2015.

Sunny Howd, an apprentice at Stephenson Gobin, was named runner up in this year’s regional First Year Outstanding Apprentice of the Year award.

Gary Youngs, an apprentice at Rotary Power, was also recognised for his achievements and received a commendation in the Final Year Apprentice award.

The judges said that they had been overwhelmed by the calibre of apprentices nominated for this year’s award and that the title had been hotly contested.

Sunny Howd, apprentice at Stephenson Gobin, says: “I’m so pleased to have got this far. It’s a great feeling to be recognised in this way for doing something I genuinely enjoy and that is setting me up for life. I’m only at the very start of my career in manufacturing and already it is proving to be both rewarding and challenging in equal measure.

“I hope my success encourages other apprentices to enter these awards, and other young people to seriously consider becoming an apprentice too.”