Celebrating our People at the British Engines Group Awards

Congratulations to our employees who were honoured at the British Engines Group Annual Awards 2023, acknowledging their commitment and dedication to their work and the company.

The awards celebrate the accomplishments of the group’s apprentices, alongside long-serving employees who have been a part of the British Engines Group for 25, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years.

Attended by employees, their family and managers, the awards are an opportunity to thank and recognise the milestones and achievements of long servicing employees and apprentices.

BBC presenter, Matt Bailey, hosted the evening starting the celebration with a flashback to 1998 when some of our employees started their careers.

A special acknowledgment goes to Dennis Knight, who marked an impressive 50 years at the British Engines Group. Starting as an apprentice at BEL Valves, and transferring to RHL, now Rotary Power in 1983, Dennis has contributed to various projects and played a vital role in health and safety initiatives. His dedication and communication skills have made him a valued team member.

Photo of Dennis Knight receiving an award for 50 year's service at the British Engines Group, presented by Chairman Alex Lamb.

Congratulations to the employees celebrating 25, 35, 40 and 45 years.

For 25 years of service we recognise:

  • Clare Taylor – CMP Products
  • Peter Larvin – Rotary Power
  • David McDonald – Rotary Power
  • Andrew Allan – Michell Bearings
  • Darren Corrie – Michell Bearings
  • Paul Walters – Michell Bearings

For 35 years of service we recognise:

  • Steve Holt – CMP Products
  • Darren Thompson – CMP Products
  • Gillian Elliott – CMP Products
  • Eric Siddon – CMP Products
  • Vince Patterson – CMP Products
  • Kathleen Kearns – CMP Products
  • Peter Sinnott – Rotary Power
  • Bob Scope – BEL Engineering
  • Kevin Mole – BEL Engineering
  • Elaine Boyd – British Engines
  • David Cobb – BEL Valves

For 40 years of service we recognise:

  • Susan Robinson – Rotary Power
  • Keith Thompson – Stephenson Gobin
  • Alan Higgins – BEL Engineering

For 45 years of service we recognise:

  • Marie Harrison – British Engines
  • Suman Slee – BEL Valves

A special thanks was also given to Steve Dixon for his many years of service as CEO of Michell Bearings as he retires from the group.

Celebrating our employees at the British Engines Group Awards

Congratulations to all of the apprentice award winners who have demonstrated excellence and dedication during their apprenticeship.

1st Year Apprentice Awards

  • Lauren Robinson – Rotary Power
  • Matthew Craig – BEL Valves
  • Lucas Quigley – CMP Products

2nd Year Apprentice Awards       

  • Chris Dos-Santos – BEL Engineering
  • Kacper Konarski – BEL Engineering
  • Luke Thompson – BEL Valves
  • Nick Ralph – CMP Products

4th Year Apprentice Awards        

  • Dan Armstrong – Michell Bearings
  • Jonathon Kennedy – BEL Engineering

HT Lamb Award               

  • Tom Cotcher – BEL Engineering

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