British Engines Businesses Awarded Health and Safety Standard

A number of businesses across the British Engines Group have been successfully recommended for migration to Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems ISO 45001 certification, recognising their commitment to managing risk in the workplace and worker safety.

Over the course of a ten-day external audit, Buerau Veritas audited the businesses under the British Engines Group certification. Each business took ownership of their site to ensure the requirements of the new standard were met, focusing their attention on top level commitment.

The businesses under the British Engines certification are BEL Engineering, BEL Valves, Stephenson Gobin, Stadium Export Services, Rotary Power and British Engines. Other group businesses CMP Products and Tyne Pressure Testing have successfully implemented and operate standalone systems.

The ISO 45001 certification is an internationally recognised occupational health and safety management standard. It provides a framework to the effective management of occupational health and safety, including compliance with the legislation that applies to a company’s activities and identified hazards. All eight operating companies within the group are now working under the new standard.

In order to migrate from the current ISO 18001 certificate, risk and opportunity was heavily audited in identifying health and safety risks in each business and preventative actions.

Andy Walton, Head of HSE, said: “This is a great achievement for our sites within the group. We want our customers to have the confidence that we prioritise safety. The top-level commitment demonstrated by the CEOs and operational teams has pushed each business to improve performance and take ownership. It’s great to see that employee engagement has also increased, allowing us to address problems effectively and more robustly.”

The British Engines Group is currently in preparation of devolving ISO 14001 environmental management systems to individual sites over the next few months. This migration will see BEL Valves, BEL Engineering, Stephenson Gobin, Stadium Export Services, Rotary Power and Tyne Pressure Testing take accountability for their own certificates.

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