British Engines Partners with ‘NE1 Can’ to Debunk Apprenticeship Myths

In partnership with NE1’sNE1 Can, British Engines has delivered two sessions to dispel common apprenticeship myths.

The sessions aimed to break the stigma surrounding engineering apprenticeships amongst local sixth form and college students.

Exercises included debunking common apprenticeship myths such as, ‘apprentices aren’t as qualified as graduates’.

The students discovered that:

  • Most British Engines apprentices receive offers of full-time employment once they pass
  • Many go on to study at HNC and degree level
  • British Engines offers opportunities to progress into management positions

In addition to the debunking sessions, the groups heard first-hand from British Engines apprentices. The apprentices discussed why they decided to become an apprentice and why they chose British Engines. Students were then given the opportunity to ask questions and spoke to our apprentices about the additional skills that are gained through studying the British Engines Apprenticeship + Scheme.

The students who attended were all interested in career in engineering. Therefore, the sessions provided them with the chance to participate in activities, such as reassembling a gate valve and comparing it to real-life arrangement drawings.

The sessions took place at our BEL Valves factory in St Peter’s, Newcastle.