Building the Future Through Apprenticeships

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2022 (NAW2022) is ‘Building the Future’, focusing on the benefits apprenticeships can have on individuals, businesses, and local communities.

At the British Engines Group, apprentices have been a hugely important part of building the future of our business for over 50 years, with many of our longest standing employees beginning their careers with us as apprentices.

Our award-winning Apprenticeship+ scheme enables us to invest in future talent, ensuring we provide our apprentices with both the learning and hands-on experience to reach their potential and become the engineering talent of the future.

As part of NAW2022, we asked some of our current and former apprentices what it means to them to ‘Build the Future’ and how their apprenticeship at the British Engines Group has helped them do this:


“To me the term ‘Build the Future’ means being able to take advantage of the opportunities you’re given to allow yourself to live a better life. My apprenticeship has given me the opportunity and skills to be able to get full time employment at Michell Bearings as a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) Operator. Alongside this I’ve been given the privilege of being able to do my Higher National Certificate (HNC) through the company which will hopefully allow me to take a step up in the company one day.”

Jack Cain, CMM Operator and former Engineering Apprentice at Michell Bearings


“For me, it’s about putting yourself on a path that will improve your future, in both a personal and professional context. For society, it’s about constantly progressing towards building a more sustainable future by reducing our use of finite resources, and improving gender and racial equality.”

Dylan Hedley, 1st year Engineering Apprentice at Rotary Power


“An apprenticeship is a perfect example of building a future, because you’re shaping your career within a business or industry through the apprenticeship. My apprenticeship gave me the tools to build my future doing what I enjoyed doing. Subsequently, I was able to get involved in marketing and employed into a marketing role once I’d completed the apprenticeship. It’s provided me with opportunities and skills that I don’t believe I would get elsewhere or by going down the university path.”

Mia Nichol, Marketing Assistant at CMP Products and former Commercial Apprentice at BEL Engineering


“I would say ‘Build the Future’ means creating a career that will benefit me and set me on the correct course in life. My apprenticeship at Michell Bearings has provided me with a great career that offers plenty of opportunities to progress in this way.”

Matthew Cain, CNC Turner and former Engineering Apprentice at Michell Bearings


“My apprenticeship has helped me to build my own future by introducing me to working life and helping me to discover what my career goals are, which gives me a better idea of where I want to be in the future. It has made me want to do the best I can and gain as much experience as possible so that I can progress upwards within the business. Building the future within wider society is also important.  If there are more skilled people within the work place it enables the business to thrive.  As the business grows it adds more well paid jobs, enriching lives, making the business stronger and attracting more orders, all of which adds to the economy.”

William Enright, Engineering Apprentice at Stephenson Gobin


“Building the future means self-investment and seeking opportunities to grow. It’s about being set up with all the tools needed to survive and continue to progress towards whatever I want to achieve in my career. British Engines really do invest into the apprentices and give every opportunity possible for us to progress and grow. Even now, after I have finished my apprenticeship, they have invested into my HNC which shows me that the company is investing into my future.”

Dylan Matthews, Fitter and former Engineering Apprentice at Michell Bearings


“For me, building the future is about looking ahead and making sure I’m working my way up the ranks in my career. My apprenticeship at Rotary Power has definitely helped me to do this by teaching me how to be accountable and responsible both at work and in my personal life. I feel like it’s definitely helped me to become more mature as a person. In a wider context, I think we need to be doing more to look after the environment by making more sustainable choices so we can secure a future for the next generations.”

Sam Barton, 3rd year Engineering Apprentice at Rotary Power


“I would say it’s about building your own future by setting your goals and achieving them. It’s also really important to just be happy, no matter what you’re doing. Building a future for the world is about prioritising things that lead to the creation of a greener, cleaner society for everyone. At Rotary Power, I know that recycling and reducing waste are important parts of this. We also take steps to reduce energy wastage by making sure electrical items, such as machinery and lighting, are turned off when not in use.”

Brandon Dalton, 4th year Engineering Apprentice at Rotary Power


Our award-winning Apprenticeship+ scheme provides apprentices with invaluable hands-on experience in a range of engineering skills, alongside recognised professional qualifications.