CMP Products Welcomes the World to Cramlington

British Engines Group company, CMP Products, welcomed its regional managers and sales teams from 14 different countries to their Cramlington headquarters in March for its annual global sales conference.

CMP Products is a leading manufacturer of cable gland and cleats actively selling its products across six continents. The company welcomed guests from the Americas, Canada, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, France, German, Netherlands, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the UK.


As a business with a truly global reach, we’re all very used to communicating and working remotely from one another, but the benefit of getting together for a week every year to discuss all aspects of the business simply can’t be underestimated. We share everything from ideas and best practice through to new training techniques and company plans in a setting that enables everyone to provide valuable input into the ongoing development of the company.

Vince Patterson, CEO of CMP Products

This year’s conference included live demonstrations of a number of upcoming products, a factory tour to showcase new technology and machinery and a review of global marketing activity for the year ahead. Meanwhile, regional teams provided presentations on the company’s five-year growth plans and other commercial activity. The conference was attended by 40 people, comprising all six regional sales managers and their full sales support teams.

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