British Engines CV Writing Tips

As an HR Manager I am always being asked ‘how can I get a better job?’ or ‘what makes my CV stand out?’ Of course the internet can help in answering these questions and there are even tools that actually write your CV for you, but one key message to remember is…be yourself.

Try the following tips and hopefully it will land you the job interview you really want…

  • First impressions count…ensure your CV looks good, use a professional font, the same size throughout and use bold or italics where appropriate, most of all keep it simple.
  • Your reader is busy…keep it short and simple, 2-3 pages should be enough.
  • Start with a personal statement…open your CV by telling the reader about your experience in a couple of sentences, grab their attention.
  • Include your work history…start with your most recent job, cover a brief overview of your job roles, try to include your main achievements and most importantly, tailor your CV and strengths to the job you are applying for.
  • Tell the recruiter about you…finish off with a couple of lines about you, what do you like doing outside of work and what makes you tick, it doesn’t have to be wacky or wild, just be yourself.
  • Cultural fit is key…does your CV say anything about you and how you fit into the organisation?

As tempting as it may seem, stick to the facts on your CV, the following tips are a definite no…

  • Never ever…‘tell stories’ about your work experience or qualifications, it’s not worth it. Summarise your job role and achievements.
  • Don’t overfill your CV…it needs to stand out and if your reader is faced with pages of tiny writing they will get bored.
  • Spelling mistakes…are a big no no, get someone to proof read your CV.

If you get through the screening process…good luck at your interview!

Watch out for our blog on interview tips!