Do I Need Experience to Become an Engineering Apprentice?

Have you recently left, or are you just about to leave school? Worried about not having engineering experience, despite wanting to become an engineering apprentice?

One of the most frequently asked questions when talking to young people about their next steps is: Do I need experience to become an engineering apprentice?

Our answer: No, but it’s definitely beneficial. Find out more about how to gain experience in engineering…


How can I get engineering experience?

For anyone thinking about an engineering apprenticeship, we would obviously recommend taking any opportunity you can to gain experience or even just knowledge about the industry and profession. If you can show us that you are really interested in engineering it will help your application.

Some examples of the experience we might look for, or opportunities to get that experience, include:

  • Work experience in engineering or STEM related subjects
  • Knowledge about engineering gained from current affairs or projects happening in the world
  • Visiting an engineering environment, through family or school placements
  • Taking part in engineering or STEM activities at school
  • Talking to friends or family who are engineers; asking questions about their projects and areas of work


What do you look for in an engineering apprentice applicant?

Although it may be beneficial, possessing previous engineering experience isn’t essential to apply for our Apprenticeship+ Scheme. We understand that you may not have had the chance to gain hands-on experience.

Instead, we will look for other experience that shows your character and work ethic. For example, if you have been involved in any extra-curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Scouts or a sports team; if you have been involved with any other groups or activities at school, such as clubs and teams.

We focus on your responsibilities and experience within those teams and groups. We look out for anything that might show that you have the skills that it takes to become an engineer, such as: the ability to work as a team, following plans or instructions.


So, what do I need to become an engineering apprentice?

To apply for one of our engineering apprenticeships you will need at least a GCSE Level 5 (C) in Maths and English, and the ability to display a desire to work in engineering.

There’s no age limit to join our business as an apprentice, but you must have left school before your apprenticeship begins.