Geofire Helps Safety of Premiership Football Club

Geofire designs and manufactures a wide range of electromagnetic fire door holders, closers and other activation devices from its factory in Bishop Auckland.

These fire door holders and closers provide a solution for fire officers and inspectors all over the world due to their unique features. The set of wireless Salamander products in particular are designed for installation into noisy environments which make them perfect for concert halls and football clubs.

The Salamander products were successfully installed into one of UK’s largest football stadiums. With a capacity of 46,000, the clubs’ fire safety officer must be confident in assuring the stadium is compliant with the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 amongst many others. Ensuring the club has a safe, reliable and competent fire safety system in place is compulsory.

Geofire’s Salamander products can only be activated by the sound of the fire alarm. Hundreds of fire door holders were installed in the stadium, each connecting wirelessly to the Salamander controller. All products are designed and manufactured by Geofire in the UK.

Holding fire doors open provides ease of access for the large crowds passing through the stadium, helps prevent wear and tear of expensive fire doors and improves ventilation whilst, guaranteeing that doors will close in the event of  fire.