The Grinding Doc visits British Engines

Dr. Jeffrey Badger, or ‘The Grinding Doc’, has been working across the British Engines Group. Jeffrey visited our various manufacturing facilities as part of a five-day training course.

An expert in precision grinding, Jeffrey works independently around the globe. He aims to help companies improve their grinding operations; sharing his objective and unbiased expertise about optimising grinding effectiveness.

The course began with him observing grinding operations within British Engines’ businesses for two days. This was followed by three days of classroom based teaching which was attended by operators, manufacturing engineers and managers from across the group.

Colin Boyd, Production Improvement Engineer at Rotary Power, said: “Using the knowledge we gained during the course, our operators and the production team have already been able to optimise our cycle times. We continue to invest in our training and development in order to improve our processes and maximise efficiencies.”

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