India Celebrates 100 Years of British Engines

In celebration of 100 years of British Engines, our Indian facilities gathered together to commemorate the occasion.

Around 300 employees from offices and factories in Bangalore met at the Ramee Guestline Hotel to celebrate.

The employees began their celebrations with breakfast at the hotel, followed by the lighting of the lamp ceremony and prayers.

A.P. Malpani, Managing Director at Michell Bearings in India, and Alex Lamb, Chairman at the British Engines Group gave a speech as the celebration continued with dancers, cultural events, and an interactive show hosted by local TV Actress, Rashmi H M. Local music act, the Beat Guru, performed a music programme inviting guests to perform on stage alongside the well-known actress.

                                   Bangalore Actress Rashmi   Beat Guru

India’s office and factory employees celebrated with dancing, interactive activities and team games throughout the day and were gifted traditional silver coins.

Director of British Engines India, Mridula Malpani, said: “Everyone really enjoyed the programme and we’ve had lots of good feedback so I think it was a huge success! The event was inclusive of everyone who works at British Engines India and it was great to see all of the employees involved in the celebrations.

Thank you to everyone for participating and to the UK Directors for coming all the way to Bangalore to celebrate with us. It is a memory that will last a long time!”

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