Interactive Health Kiosk Visits British Engines

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, we arranged for an interactive health kiosk to visit sites across the British Engines Group.

Provided by the Wellbeing People, the interactive kiosk will allow our employees to access a free, confidential health MOT where they can find out about their physical and mental wellbeing at a time that suits them.

Those taking part will be given a confidential print-out containing key indicators of their general health, including: blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, body fat content, heart rate and hydration levels. The results are shown alongside medical ideals, allowing our employees to compare and inspiring them to make positive lifestyle changes should they choose to.

As part of the health MOT, employees will also be asked questions about their work life balance, mental wellbeing and lifestyle habits. These answers will then be collated with their general health results to generate each employee with a Wellbeing Age™. The Wellbeing Age™ is calculated using a unique algorithm that cross references five, evidence-based wellbeing metrics to produce a score.

Once the health check is complete, employees can opt to have their results emailed to them. Should they decide to work on an aspect of their physical or mental wellbeing the email will then direct them to recognised NHS organisations for relevant support.

Jacqueline Hennessey, Occupational Health Lead said: “The health kiosk has provided a unique opportunity for our employees to take a quick, private and individual snapshot of their physical and mental health. The kiosk has been well received across the businesses with many employees committing to lifestyle changes as a result. It has even generated some light-hearted competition amongst users!

It is well recognised that more traditional methods of delivering health messages, such as handing out leaflets or being told to make changes by a medical professional, are less effective in encouraging behaviour changes. Individuals want more interactive ways of improving their physical and mental health and I feel the kiosk allows users to take more ownership of their health status”

At the British Engines Group, we believe it is our responsibility to support our employees with their health and wellbeing. That is why we provide an extensive range of employee benefits including: discounted gym memberships, a healthcare cash plan, a cycle to work scheme and an employee assistance programme; WeCare, which provides our employees with free access to a range of health benefits, including: 24 hour GP appointments, diet and lifestyle advice, legal and financial advice and counselling services.