Why Choose a North East Based Engineering Industrial Placement with British Engines?

What is an industrial placement?

An industrial placement can also be known as: a year in industry, an internship, a sandwich year, a placement year or a work placement. It’s the chance to practice what you’ve learned at university so far, and how to apply it to ‘the real world’.

We give students the opportunity to work within a professional environment where they will gain experience that will enhance knowledge, as well as industry skills; within a company that has 96 years of global engineering expertise.

British Engines’ North East based industrial placements aren’t limited to engineering work experience, but also include opportunities to work in departments such as marketing, sales and finance.

Meet Sam

Sam is currently working at British Engines on a six months engineering industrial placement as a Quality Intern. He’ll return to Bournemouth University, to commence the third year of his Integrated Masters in Mechanical Engineering, in September 2018 and will go on to complete his final two years of study.

Here Sam shares the benefits of an industrial placement, why you should choose a British Engines placement, and what his experience has been like so far:

You’re coming towards the end of your placement now! How did you first hear about British Engines’ engineering industrial placement opportunities?

“A friend of the family first recommended that I reach out to British Engines because of its engineering legacy. British Engines is known to provide career opportunities, training and experience to future engineers. I’m originally from Durham and wanted a local placement.

“I sent my CV to one of the company’s Chief Operating Officers via LinkedIn, and was invited for an interview. Unfortunately I wasn’t successful and didn’t get the first position that I applied for, but I was later contacted by British Engines and invited back to interview for a similar position.

“The British Engines website helped me prepare for my initial interview and I think because of that research, and my knowledge of the company and the work it does, I was given another chance. “

Why did you choose a British Engines engineering placement?

“I wanted to work for British Engines because the company’s core values are in line with my own. They separate British Engines from its competition and I feel like I’ve a lot to learn about separating myself from the competition – especially as an aspiring engineer in such a competitive environment.

“British Engines is a global business and so has lots of international links which opens up opportunities to work with a variety of people and companies; enhancing the overall work experience.”

What have you gained from your experience with British Engines so far?

“My experience has helped me realise that a career in engineering is definitely what I want to do. I can definitely see myself as a design engineer. It’s let me use what I’ve learned at university so far and apply it to, and develop, my practical engineering skills. It’s helped me make sense of what I’m learning on my course and why.

“Because British Engines is a group, I work for Rotary Power, one of its seven companies. I work on design, quality and packaging for Rotary Power’s newest and largest motor.

“When I first started one of my colleagues took me under his wing. He mentored me through design programmes and helped me develop my technique which is definitely going to help me when I go back to university.”

What’s your team like and what have you learned from them?

“The entire company is like one massive team. Each person is important to the process and in making sure that we complete jobs in the best way possible, so respect is vital and communication is key. This is what makes it a nice place to work. My managers and team have invested a lot of time into helping me understand the products and the work they do. It definitely helps to have experienced people around you to share their knowledge!”

So Sam, what’s next for you?

“So far, working for British Engines has made me realise just how competitive the engineering industry is. This has motivated me to go on and work hard to get my masters qualification so that I’ll have a more competitive edge. And of course, once I go onto working full-time, I’d like to return to work for British Engines!”

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