One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for British Engines!

At the British Engines Group, we understand the importance of our employees having a happy and health work and home life.

That’s why each year, everyone across the group has the opportunity to participate in our annual fitness challenge. This year, we challenged employees to race to space in our Mission to the Moon.

It takes approximately 72 hours for a manned space craft to reach the Moon from Earth. Over four months, our employees aimed to make it to the moon by completing 72 hours of physical activity, from running, walking and cycling to paddle boarding and golf. Some participants took it a step further and tried to make it to the moon and back by completing 144 hours within four months!

More than 100 employees from across the group and worldwide got involved in the challenge to improve their health and wellbeing, beat their colleagues and make it to the moon.

The challenge gave me a reason to want to exercise and made me feel so much better after I had!

Maddison Wren at CMP Products

Our top 5 finishers were:

  1. Chris Douglas at Michell Bearings – 211 hours, 26 minutes
  2. Paul Stenhouse at British Engines – 200 hours, 56 minutes
  3. Jade Appleby at CMP Products – 181 hours, 49 minutes
  4. Libor Pokorny at Michell Bearings – 157 hours, 22 minutes
  5. Andy Walton at British Engines – 157 hours, 12 minutes

As part of the Mission to the Moon, employees raised money for our charity of the year, Cash for Kids. Cash for Kids North East is a grant-giving charity working to improve the lives of disadvantaged children living in the region. Over £850 was donated from our employees over the course of the challenge!

Competitions were set each month for participants to be in with the chance of winning prizes by submitting photos of them completing the challenge.

Congratulations to all of our winners:

  • May – Wendy Nurding at British Engines: Luxury Cheese Hamper
  • June – Andy Miller at Rotary Power: Customised Star Map
  • July – Marie Haynes-Shepherd at CMP Products: Glamping Trip for two
  • August – Isaac Nolan at CMP Products: Indoor Sky Diving Experience for two


Well done to everyone who took part and completed the Mission to the Moon!