Precision Machining as an Art Form

BEL Engineering provides sub contract machining services specialising in large capacity, heavy duty, horizontal machining.

BEL Engineering worked with an artist based in London to manufacture a set of bespoke sculptures.

The machining of the stainless steel sculptures involves a complex manufacturing process starting with a computerised programme of the model which gives a three dimensional view of the design.

State of the art software is then used to prove the programme prior to machining; this process reduces the risk of error.

As the design concept only exists inside the mind of the artist, this project is unique in both its proposal and manufacture. Therefore it is important that the engineers at BEL Engineering work closely with the customer (a third party acting on behalf of the artist) to ensure their vision is being portrayed correctly.

The polished mirrored sculptures were machined to 800m in diameter by one meter in height forming a base for the artwork. The artist added finishing touches and completed the artwork before selling to art collectors.