Three CNC Machinist Apprentices Join Group Company BEL Engineering

British Engines Group company, BEL Engineering, welcomed three new CNC machinist apprentices to its shopfloor earlier this year. We caught up with Chris, Ben and Kacper to talk about their experiences so far as British Engines apprentices…

When did you start your apprenticeships?

Kacper: We started the apprenticeship at TDR in September 2021 and joined BEL Engineering in February this year.

How has your apprenticeship been so far?

Chris: Before joining the business, I assumed the workforce would be predominately older males. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the people working here. Everyone has been really friendly and because of this I have fit in and not felt like an outsider.

Why did you apply for the CNC Machinist apprenticeship at BEL Engineering?

Chris: My uncle works at BEL Engineering so I had always heard positive things about the company. I thought about going to university after my A Levels, but the idea of not being guaranteed a job after university was unsettling. The opportunity to work and learn, whilst getting paid, was a no brainer.

What have you been up to so far?

Ben: We have been thrown straight into the mix which has been great. At the moment we are finding our feet and helping the other machinists.

What do you enjoy most?

Kacper: What I enjoy most is that I get to be hands on and work on various machines. It can be hard to envision what something is when studying the theory at college, but the ability to put the theory into practice is like a light bulb moment. It all makes sense once you see it.

What do you find most challenging?

Ben: The business has over 50 machines and understanding what they do is tough. I’m up for the challenge though!

What are your future plans?

Ben: Hopefully I will be working full time after my apprenticeship. I’m really enjoying it so far and I can see myself working here for a long time.

Over the next six months, Chris, Ben and Kacper will spend time in various departments at BEL Engineering, including; inspection, planning, small, medium and large cell turning and grinding.

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