My Work Experience at British Engines

To anyone thinking about completing work experience at British Engines, do it!

I am currently in my second year at Newcastle University studying Geography and I wanted some general work experience in a global business. British Engines certainly lived up to my expectations and I am finishing the week in a way better position than when I started.

Throughout the week, I have been lucky enough to spend time in human resources, marketing and finance. I was particularly interested in human resources, where I have gained experience in a range of situations: from being hands on observing apprentice appraisals at Stephenson Gobin, to looking at the admin processes behind a HR role. The breadth of experience I have gained has definitely sparked my interest further.

The friendly and inviting atmosphere of the company has allowed me to understand a lot of the roles in the business, where all of my questions were greeted with enthusiasm and detailed explanations.

The variety of my program was very engaging; one morning I had a factory tour at BEL Valves and in the afternoon, I was involved in a marketing meeting looking at the business growth strategy. I have also learnt so much about the business, for instance, I had no idea that British Engines sponsored Newcastle University’s MechEng Society Ball!

The week has almost certainly been one of the most useful opportunities I have been offered. In parts it has been challenging, however, it has enabled me to gain a true insight into a large business environment. I even had the useful experience of having a mock interview with one of the HR Managers along with an MBTI personality profile.

The week has well and truly made me focus on my strengths and weaknesses and will definitely help me make an informed decision about my future career.

Thank you!